Push is intended to be performed by anyone with a smartphone. At least 2 performers should participate, and they should be spread out in the performance space. The recommended number of performers is three.


Performers must first launch the web browser on their devices, then enter the following URL:

Performers must wait for the facilitator (who may be a conductor) to give a signal.

When the facilitator signals the start of the piece, performers push the Play button on the screen. The button may be disabled for a few seconds before it is enabled again. At which point, the performer pushes the Play button again. Repeat pushing the button until you see a message that you have reached the end of the piece.

What to expect

Each press of the button plays a sound lasting anywhere from a fraction of a second to up to 30 seconds.

When a performer first visits the instrument, the list of available sounds is randomized. After each press of the button, the length of the sound is added to the delay between button pushes.

No delay exceeds 15 seconds.