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I can’t retrace the steps that led to a fateful purchase because the routes are probably too circuitous for my own mind to untangle. But for some reason, I decided to buy a Balinese sample library from Native Instruments, and I’ve been wanting to use it for something.

Part of my undergraduate work for my music degree required attending school concerts every semester, and the Javanese ensemble was always one I loved to attend. Of course, I wouldn’t have been introduced to Indonesian instruments were it not for Yamashiro Shouji’s work on the soundtrack to the anime Akira. A CRI disc of Lou Harrison works added more fuel to the fire, which was most recently stoked by Kawai Kenji’s score for Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit.

This particular work has no title yet, which is why it’s so far called 「無題」 (“mudai” or “untitled”.)


Track Title
1 無題平成23六月五日


  • Release date: August 25, 2015

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