Empty Ensemble resides in the Uncanny Valley. Empty Ensemble is more empty than ensemble. Empty Ensemble would be abbreviated as “kara-anse” (空アンセ) in Japanese. Empty Ensemble is a spin-off of Eponymous 4.

In July 2012, Eponymous 4 underwent restructuring to address inefficiencies in production output. A body of work focusing mostly on the classical influence of the Eponymous 4 aesthetic had been neglected for many years. Empty Ensemble launched to take stewardship of these works and to bring them to fruition, thus allowing Eponymous 4 to concentrate on the popular music domain.

Empty Ensemble consists of Greg Bueno, a graduate of the University of Hawai`i at Manoa with a degree in music and journalism. Greg works as a web software engineer in Seattle, Washington, where he reconnected with classical music after a significant creative detour.

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