Black Transits


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Black Transits is a piece of musique concrete turning the urban environmental sounds of the Seattle mass transit system into a three-part work.

  1. Exposition: Departure
  2. Development: Absence
  3. Recapitulation: Return

The first part of the piece lays out its themes in an organic collage tethered to reality while still being apart from it. The second part develops those themes in a more traditional, musical sense. The third part brings the listener back to reality, providing one last statement of the main theme.

Was this an intentional structure? To be honest, not really.

I hadn’t tried to create a piece of pure musique concrete till now, and I ran purely on instinct. This structure is my best retrospective description of what it became.


Track Title
1 Black Transits


  • Greg Bueno: sound design
  • Recorded on various buses and light rail trains around Seattle, WA, 2017. Mixed in the Closet West, 2017.
  • Cover photography by Greg Bueno

[Black Transits]

  • Release date: January 27, 2023

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